Best Indoor Strains for Beginners

The best indoor strains for beginners are often times autoflowering or feminized seeds that are easy to grow such as Big Bud, Island Sweet Skunk, or one of many of the Kush varieties.  It’s not so much the variety or strain of cannabis but yet the type of seed. Beginner growers typically need strains that are resilient to mold and grow with little to no attention. The thing about cannabis is it didn’t get the nickname weed because it grows slow.


In fact, the stuff grows like a weed and that is why that nickname weed came to be. If you give it water, light, and the proper nutrients at the right cycle you can produce incredible results. Low-stress training and light manipulation are some of the added extras that master growers do to make the outstanding Cannabis Cup winning results we see in magazines. The best indoor strains for beginners are easy to grow ones such as the wide variety of autoflowering cannabis seeds that are available today.


Autoflowering cannabis seeds are easy to grow for beginners because they are guaranteed to automatically produce females which produce the buds and flowers growers, patients and consumers are after. Not having to learn how to sex your plants at the beginning and getting a feel for how cannabis grows helps to encourage many people to enjoy the process and rewards in growing indoor strains. Growing strains indoors that produce beautiful results is another rewarding factor.


Strain such as OG Kush, Chemdawg, Island Sweet Skunk, BC God Bud, Northern Lights, Early Pearl, and others will grow buds that will make any grower feel like a pro. By simply watering these plants and giving them sunlight and love you can grow pot people will love a lot. The more you put into growing the plant the better the results you will get. Learning to check the pH balance and determining when your plant has flowered to perfection is another part of the process for producing the best results.


In the past, you had to have a well-trained eye to do this but today there are small handheld devices similar to a Jeweler’s glass that will let you know when your plants are good to go. The best indoor strain for beginners are the ones you buy online saving time so that you can focus on learning to grow like a pro.


When picking the best strains to grow indoors for beginners you will want to look for a few things. Look for short flowering times. This means that the time from seed to harvest will average 30 to 40 days. This allows the person growing these seeds to see quick results. Another way to determine the best indoor strains for beginners is to look for ones that stand up to the elements.


Being able to handle the environment of a newbie grower is a tough task for any plant. For this reason, when you get autoflowering cannabis seeds they contain a certain species known as a ruderalis that will virtually grow in any condition. This is why autoflowering cannabis seeds are recommended as some of the best cannabis seeds to grow indoors for beginners.


Locating cannabis strains that are known for being resilient to pests, mold, and mildew is also key when trying to determine the best indoor strains for beginners. Issues such as these can easily creep up on a crop of cannabis and ruin all of a grower’s hard work. For beginners, not having to worry about these types of issues is best and this should be factored into your decision.


If you’re new to growing cannabis remember it’s not so much about the strains you grow but about the attention to detail you take while growing the seeds. Cannabis plants will grow like a weed and that’s how they got their nickname. The best way to learn how to grow like a pro is by diving in hands first. You have to get your hands dirty if you want to learn the skills necessary to produce amazing yields indoors from seeds of any kind.


Just like cannabis treats everyone differently, each strain and each seed will also grow differently for each grower. With this in mind, it is hard to truly say which cannabis seeds are best for indoor growing by beginners. Typically, however when one is looking for easy to grow cannabis seeds any of the Kush varieties are recommended great indoor strains for beginners.



Other strains that are easy to grow indoors for beginners include autoflowering and feminized varieties of some of the legendary strains such as Northern Lights, White Widow, Skunk #1, Super Skunk, Hash Plant, Blue Dream and the one and only infamous Cheese. These are just some of the best indoor strains for beginners.