Best Flower Seeds for Indoor Growing

The best flower seeds for indoor growing depends a lot upon the results you’re looking for and the environment you will be growing in. In this article, we’re going to cover a variety of the best flower seeds for indoor growing. There are a variety of beautiful flowering indoor plants that you can grow from seed to flowered perfection. Knowing what these plants are and what seeds are the best flower seeds for indoor growing is knowledge that is easily obtainable with a little research. The selection of indoor flowering seeds offers a beautiful variety of colors, fragrances, and patterns to enjoy.


Take for example a classic favorite loved by people everywhere the African Violet. African Violet seeds turn into beautiful little purple flowers with green fuzzy leaves. African Violets are considered to be one of the easiest seeds to grow for flowering houseplants. Year-round you can enjoy purple blooms with little to no effort. There are hundreds of different varieties of African Violets to choose from. With a little sunlight, mild watering and a lot of love, the African Violet will be a house plant that flowers to perfection you can enjoy all year round.


Hibiscus seeds are another choice that many people who enjoy plants love. Growing these seeds into beautiful flowers indoors is very rewarding. Hibiscus come in a multitude of different colors and varieties with big beautiful blooms that sometimes can grow up to 8 inches wide with a vibrant array of colors from blue and orange to pink yellow and white. This incredible plant can even be taught to grow like a tree. Some Hibiscus plants can grow to be 6 foot tall and up to 4 foot wide. They prefer intense sunlight such as being placed directly in front of a window at a room temperature between 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. These easy to grow plants will bring years of enjoyment for anyone who chooses to grow these flowering beauties indoors.


The Flowering Maple is another seed that produces a beautiful flowering tree. The flowering Maple will grow leaves that turn shades of yellow, red, pink, and orange. Almost like a festive lantern the Flowering Maple not only cleans the air with its beautiful foliage but provides a pleasing plate appeal to any room. Over-watering can cause the flowers of the Flowering Maple to drop early so should be avoided at all costs. This beautiful flower loves intense sunlight and a room temperature between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. You can expect Flowering Maples to take up a little bit of space as on average they reach 5 foot tall and 3 foot wide.


The Peace Lily is another seed that’s easy to grow and produces beautiful results. Commonly they are placed on dressers or even inside of restrooms. The beautiful Peace Lily grows with low light and requires little watering or humidity. The spoon-shaped leaves and white spikes on the flowers produce a gorgeous to look at tropical appeal that many people love. Enjoying a room temperature that varies between 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit this particular plant will grow virtually anywhere. Though they are often times kept on the top of dressers and shelves they can grow to be 6 foot tall and 5 foot wide in the right conditions. This plant is a poisonous one so it should be kept away from pets and children.


Jasmine seeds produce beautiful flowers that can turn into amazing trees. There are a multitude of varieties when it comes to Jasmine but one thing is for sure they all smell sweet. Enjoying plenty of light and gobbling up as much moisture as possible the beautiful white to pink flowers produce a fragrant aroma that has been used in perfumes and air fresheners around the world. Jasmine can brighten your room and make it just a little sweeter with its sweet fragrant flowers. Growing Jasmine indoors is easy making them one of the best flower seeds for indoor growing.


Guppy plant seeds produce intriguing little flowers that resemble the tiny little fish called a guppy. This African Violet relative typically blooms in late summer with enough sunlight it will flower all year long. Typically the little orange flowers will grow in fish shape patterns that poke out from the bright green armored like leaves the Guppy plant produces. This African Violet relative is great for hanging baskets. This flowering plant enjoys medium to bright light and a room temperature between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In the right environment, these plants will thrive and can grow up to two foot tall and 3 foot wide.


As you can see there is a wide variety of flowering seeds that will grow great indoors. If you are looking to add some beauty and fresh oxygen to your home or office we hope you enjoy this selection of the best flower seeds for indoor growing.